Bring Courage
Back to Washington

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I’m running for the U.S. Senate to stand up for our potential


“Too young. Too soon. Too unrealistic.”

That’s what they said when I first ran for Mayor of Clarkston, Georgia. I didn’t listen, and I won, becoming the youngest Mayor of the most ethnically-diverse square mile in America. 

Under my leadership Clarkston passed a forward thinking progressive agenda that included never before seen policies in Georgia, like decriminalization of marijuana possession, a $15 minimum wage, outlawing LGBTQ discrimination, pushing for a 100% clean energy future, and we made election day a holiday.

They said we’d become a drug haven or go bankrupt. Instead, our growth is among the fastest in the nation  and we’re now one of the safest cities in Georgia. We didn’t let the fear mongers divide us then. And we won’t let hatred triumph now.




I’m running for the United States Senate to stand up for OUR potential. To fight for a future where EVERY Georgian can get a good job that pays a great wage. Where healthcare is a right and not a privilege.

Division is the tool of cowards, and we should reject the politicians who play on our worst fears and turn us against one another. Let’s have the courage to bring people together, and to unite for our common purpose.


Join our movement to bring courage back to Washington.


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